How to Spice Up Boring Corporate Presentations and Make Them More Creative & Effective


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Here's What You'll Learn In This Class

  • Bullet Point Extermination: The Secret Formula for Turning Confusing Bullet Points into Clear and Dynamic Visuals
  • A Crazy Simple Three-Click Trick to Make Your Slides Look Instantly More Polished and Professional
  • The Common Mistakes People Make When Creating Slides That Flatline Audience Attention
  • How to Set Yourself Up to Create Presentations Like a Pro for Life — Starting Now

Save Yourself Hours of Frustration and
Thousands in Graphic Design Fees


Deep down, you know your presentation could be soooo much better, right?

But you run with it because you don't think you can make it much better without pulling an all-nighter or having to hire a professional designer.

Well, you can stop running, Forrest.

Because I am going to show you how you can save yourself hours of frustration and thousands of dollars in graphic design fees by learning how to quickly and easily give your slides the professional polish and story-based edge that can turn even the dullest, most unexciting PowerPoint into an outstanding visual story.

That’s right. No more banging your head on your desk, making late-night runs to Starbucks and delivering your presentation the next morning with a Red Bull and bloodshot eyes.

As you’re about to find out, creating an amazing presentation on the fly is not that hard once you master the tricks and shortcuts I teach you in this free training.

If ever there were a magic potion to set you up for presentation success, this is it. So, enter your name and email now and get ready to chug down some sweet tips & tricks that will transform the way you approach presentation making… for evah!

Word On The Street


“I needed to move into the digital age with my presentations and Nadine was an amazing guide. I had never used PowerPoint... for the typical reasons and Nadine showed me how the right visuals could enhance what I do and be easy at the same time. Many of my audiences are from 250 to 1000 and it has really made a difference.”

- Chip Eichelberger, CSP, Motivational Sales Expert
Former Tony Robbins International Point man

“Partnering with Nadine has helped make ordinary presentations and strategic planning documents extraordinary.
She is a superstar!”

- Tad Schmitz, Sr. Manager
Marketing Technology Universal Orlando Resort

“I have been totally blown away by Nadine’s work. She is my go-to person for creating visually stunning and stylish PowerPoint presentations. (Until I worked with her, I thought “PowerPoint Design” was an oxymoron.) There is not a PowerPoint designer on the planet who even comes close to making presentations sparkle with such professional polish.

- Alexandra Watkins Brand Name Ninja & Author of Inc. Top 10 Marketing Book,
HELLO, MY NAME IS AWESOME: How to Create Brand Names That Stick

“I worked with Nadine in 2014 to “Hanafi” (pronounced: han-ə-fī) my presentation deck. She helped me reduce the number of words/slides while increasing the visual appeal of the entire deck. As a professional speaker, I’m grateful to Nadine for her creativity and visual design talent; and my presentation attendees are especially grateful.”

- Steve Curtin Customer Enthusiast!
Steve Curtin, LLC

“Nadine is a true expert in her field! She is completely dedicated and passionate about her work. I feel so much gratitude and satisfaction from the amazing presentation that Nadine helped me create for my TEDx Miami talk.”

- Keren Bolter
PhD Science Director at Coastal Risk Consulting, LLC

About Nadine

Among her students and clients, Nadine is known as the go-to expert on everything PowerPoint. She’s been called the “Visual Queen”, “Lady PowerPoint” and the "Presentation Alchemist". But most people lovingly refer to her as the “PowerPoint Whisperer”. She’s earned those nicknames thanks to her uncanny ability to take hopelessly boring presentations and (almost magically) transform them into stunning slide decks that make her clients look like a million bucks. For years, she’s kept her presentation transforming techniques a secret, teaching her signature method to a few select coaching clients.

But Nadine has bigger dreams. She wants to rid the corporate world of bad PowerPoints, and she knows she can’t do it one client and one project at a time. That’s why she’s decided to pull back the curtain and share her best-kept presentation design secrets with the world, through her free masterclass.

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No waiting for a link to be emailed to you. Enter your info and you will be taken straight to the good stuff!