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Slide Therapy Is a Complete Suite of Presentation Creation Tools Designed to Help You Create Better Presentations in Half the Time and With Half the Effort.


Slide Therapy is designed to cure those bad PowerPoint habits that have been holding you back from reaching your full potential as a presenter. You will stop making boring slides and start cranking out beautiful professional-grade presentations.

Slide Therapy is for the creatively challenged professionals and entrepreneurs who want to produce killer presentations without having to hire a professional designer. This program spares you all the design theory and mumbo jumbo. Instead, it gives you specific techniques and tools you can use to immediately transform your presentations.

I created Slide Therapy for the busy professional who didn’t major in design and has no desire to learn about color theory or the difference between a font and a typeface. If that sounds like you and you want to find out how you can sidestep your “lack of creativity” and start producing killer presentations like a pro, keep reading to find out exactly what is included inside the Slide Therapy program.


The Savvy Presenter’s Guide to Creating Original, Memorable & Highly Effective Presentations

Unlike other presentation design books, Slide Therapy doesn’t just rehash old theoretical design principles.

It’s a straight-shooting, highly visual book packed with actionable advice that is guaranteed to double the persuasive power of your presentations and give them the polished and professional look that you’d normally pay a designer a lot of money for.

The assets and materials included inside the Slide Therapy program are designed to help you implement the lessons in this book more quickly and effectively.

Here’s an overview of what you’ll learn:


"This is the book I've been searching for in hundreds of bookstores over the past decades! Not a book that I read and put away, not a book that was designed for only one audience (TED) but a reference guide that helps me every time I am sharing insights with my audience."

Jacco van der Kooij, Founder & CEO of Winning By Design

Nearly 300 Pages of Full-Color Visuals
and Easy-to-Follow Instructions


Using a super simple system of before & after examples, Slide Therapy SHOWS you exactly what mistakes you may be making that are ruining your slides and exactly what to do to fix them.  The book includes hundreds of slide design examples as well as step-by-step, PowerPoint tutorials to show you exactly how to recreate the designs you see in this book.

“Nadine’s insights, gained by developing hundreds of presentations for TEDx and other high-profile audiences around the world, will challenge even savvy presenters to up their game. The chapters on proper data display alone are worth the price of the book – many times over.”

Steve Curtin, author of Delight Your Customers: 7 Simple Ways to Raise Your Customer Service from Ordinary to Extraordinary


Library of 300+ Fonts

Finding beautiful fonts and assembling a library of fonts can take months and cost hundreds of dollars. That’s why I’ve curated a massive library of gorgeous fonts that you can download and install in two clicks. Easy, peasy, lemon, squeezy.


Font Pairing Guide

Having a huge library of beautiful fonts is only useful if you know how to pair those fonts together. Font pairing can be incredibly frustrating if you’ve never studied design. You can waste hours googling fonts that work well together or trying to guess the names of the fonts you see on other great slide designs.

So to save you a headache, I’ve put together 50 of my favorite font combinations that you can copy and use in your own designs. No muss, no fuss.

Download a Preview Sample of the Font Pairing Guide

“Nadine knows how to design visually stunning presentations, and she dropped all of her knowledge in this program. The program contains tons of practical advice including best font combinations which is truly invaluable for someone just starting out.“

Syed Balkhi, Founder WPBeginner


Color Palette Library

Color. It’s like lipstick for your slides. And like a sassy red lip, color can brighten up your presentation and make tired, plain slides beam with life and energy. But only if you know how to use it right!

Most people avoid using color or settle for those overused PowerPoint color palettes because they don’t know how to find colors that work together. That’s why I created this color palette library with 50 inspired and inspiring color combinations that you can safely use to jazz up your next presentation.


A Massive Library of Over 1000
High Definition, Royalty Free Images


Stock images are pricey. How many times have you found yourself having to fork out a couple hundred dollars just to have access to high quality, professional images? Annoying, right?

You shouldn't have to settle for low quality or tacky watermarked images just because you’re on a budget. That’s why I am giving you access to my entire library of over 1000 beautiful, high-quality pictures and illustrations.


Icon Library: Over 1500
Beautiful Matching Icons

Nothing can spruce up a bland slide or clarify a wordy slide like well-chosen icons.
The challenge when using icons is finding a broad range of matching icons to fit your exact needs.
When using free icons, you may end up with inconsistent styles of icons.
No to mention having to credit every individual designer for every icon you use.
That’s why I’ve put together this huge library of more than 1500 matching icons, in 26 categories, available in both black and white.


8 Premium PowerPoint Templates with Over 300 Original Slide Layouts to Choose From

Nothing saves you time and creative block like a good ol’ PowerPoint template. If you’re busy and you’ve already spent countless hours putting together your content, you just want to be able to plug and play, right?

But not all templates are created equal.

Most templates you’ll find are either too canned, corporate and overused or they do not offer a wide enough variety of layouts to fit your specific needs.

That’s why the Slide Therapy program includes 8 premium PowerPoint templates with over 300 smart slide layouts to choose from. You may never need to buy another template again.

There are two sets of template slides in this package.

The “Creatively Formal” template contains a diverse set of more than 170 slide layouts optimized for corporate presentations and other content heavy presentations. This template comes in 4 different color themes.

The “Stylishly Casual” template package contains 7 different templates with more fun, creative and original slide layouts, perfect for keynotes, short talks, pitches and conference talks.

Both templates are highly visual and use lots of images, icons and illustrations.

Click Here to Download a Preview of All the Template Slides

Drag & Drop Images in Just a Few Clicks

Template slides are quick and easy to use. Simply drag and drop images into the layouts and they are automatically resized and cropped to fit.

Customize Your Branding In Just A Few Clicks

The templates come in multiple color themes but if you need to use your brand colors, you can quickly adjust your slides to match your color theme.

Highly Interactive, Original Layouts and Prezi-Like Animations

This is not your run-of-the-mill boring template. The Slide Therapy templates include beautiful animations that bring your content to life.


The Ultimate Slide Design Swipe File:
300 Design Ideas You Can Copy

One of the first things you do when need design ideas for your new presentation is Google slide examples, right?

This helps you get your creative juices flowing and save time by copying other successful designs instead of reinventing the wheel. The problem is, most brilliant presentation designers don’t post their best work online so a Google search will often yield tired, overused template slide ideas. That’s why I’ve curated over 300 of my favorite presentation design examples including creative layouts, original title slides and inspired design themes. Simply copy and customize.


New & Exclusive Video Content,
PowerPoint Templates &
Digital Assets Sent To You
Every Month For a Year


If your job requires you to churn out several presentations a week or a month, then this is for you. As a presentation power user, you may quickly go through all the materials in this package and need new and fresh design goodies sent to you on a regular basis.

If you purchase the Brainiac Bundle with monthly updates, we will send you brand new templates, images, fonts, icons, exclusive video tutorials and more, every 30 days, for the next year. You’ll get hundreds of dollars worth of design tips and assets every month for just $100 (that’s $8 a month!)

plus you'll get 2 free bonuses

No matter which package you decide to purchase, you will also receive two of my most popular eBooks:

The Presentation Planning Playbook will help you take a new, more strategic, more purposeful approach to your presentation creation process. No more winging it and hoping something sticks. By following the seven-step process outlined in this guide, you will start creating presentations that resonate with your audience, keep them engaged and achieve your goals.

The Savvy Presenter’s Toolbox shows you 12 of the most useful tools and online resources I recommend to help you create awesome presentations.

These are the same tools that I’ve used for years for my clients’ presentations. I have had great results with them and I know you will too.


What our Customers Have to say


"To call Nadine a slide therapist is an understatement: she's a slide healer! If PowerPoint is part of your life, you need Slide Therapy - period. This helpful how-to should be required reading for anyone before hitting "save" on a .pptx file... which is exactly why I've made it a requirement for everyone at ZinePak and Per Diems Against Poverty."

Brittany Hodak, Co-founder of ZinePak & Co-founder of Per Diems Against Poverty

"Slide Therapy is such an awesome book. To be honest, I really wasn't expecting much when I read it since I was a full time designer in a past life.  But, this book is so comprehensive and easy to read.  It includes so many topics on things like typography types and how you can spice up anything to be so much more visually appealing.  I already bought this book for my whole team, as it is such a great reference AND idea guide.  The author really did a good job of explaining the DOs and DONTs of slide building.  My favorite part was how well she shows the before and after for every concept.  It makes the concept so easy.  I always thought my PowerPoints were great, but this really shows me how much I had to learn!!  I recommend it for both laymen who have no PowerPoints skills, as well as experts who just want to take their skills to the next level!“

Benji Rabhan, Founder & CEO of MorrisCore & Subsidiaries

"Nadine really emptied her bag of tricks and tools in this program. This is the most actionable program out there on presentation design. I especially enjoyed the visual tutorials and examples which showed me exactly what I was doing wrong and how to fix it. I love that Nadine makes something as intimidating and complicated as design so easy and accessible. Thanks to Slide Therapy I now realize that my slides can be so much better and all I have to do is follow Nadine's super simple step by step design hacks. My presentations will never be the same again."

Alexandra Watkins, Chief Innovation Officer, Eat My Words & author of
"Hello, My Name is Awesome: How to Create Brand Names That Stick"

"Slide Therapy broke down the challenging task of making PowerPoints look nice into an easy-to-follow set of rules. Over the past few years, I realized that my PowerPoints weren't up to snuff and the visuals in this book quickly pointed out the things I was doing wrong to cause my presentation disasters. Slide Therapy does a great job of explaining elements like typography, color, images, and charts showing you visually what to do and what not to do. My slides will definitely never look the same again and all of my go-to PowerPoint tricks like picture styles, bullet points, and drop shadows will now be a thing of the past."

Zach Ferres, CEO at Coplex

"Slide Therapy is an easy to read guide for creating impactful presentations that engage your audience. It includes lots of valuable resources and visual before and after examples to quickly demonstrate how to improve your presentation. I highly recommend this book - I have made this required reading for my marketing and content creation team.“

Diana M. Goodwin, President & Founder | AquaMobile Inc


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If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied. No matter how great a product is, we know it's not going to be a perfect fit for absolutely everyone. That's why you get 30 days to see if this program is right for you.

If you don’t absolutely love Slide Therapy, just email us the receipt and we’ll happily give you your money back. Every penny of it.  No questions asked. We will ask for your valued feedback, of course.

Who is this program for?

Slide Therapy is designed for PowerPoint users, regardless of what kind of presentations they make and what industry they work in.

It doesn’t matter what your level of PowerPoint proficiency is. If you’re a seasoned PowerPoint user, Slide Therapy will introduce you to new techniques that will take your skills to the next level. If you’re a beginner or casual PowerPoint user, you will get all the hand holding you need with step by step instructions and visuals to make it easy.

How to know if Slide Therapy
Is Right for you

If you can put a big green check mark next to any of the points below, then you are a perfect candidate for Slide Therapy.

  • You don’t have the budget to pay for a professional designer or you prefer to have full control of your slide design process by learning how to do the design yourself
  • You already know how to use PowerPoint very well, and consider yourself a decent presentation designer but you are looking for new resources and inspiration to energize your designs and boost your creativity.
  • You learn best when you are given practical instructions and real-world examples, and you’re looking for a resource that will spare you the technical mumbo jumbo and give you easy hacks you can apply immediately.
  • You've used the same presentation deck for a long time and you feel it's time to give it an updated, clean and modern look.
  • You are tired of wasting your nights and weekends tweaking your slides and you want a quick and easy tools and templates you can customize to get the job done.
  • You already use PowerPoint almost every day and you want to learn how to use it better, faster and more creatively.
  • You are getting ready for an important pitch or conference talk and you want to bring your A game by showing them a killer presentation deck.
  • You’ve read many of the presentation design books out there but you feel like none of them really give you the actionable advice you’re looking for.
  • Your presentations are typically very text heavy and you don’t know how to structure and illustrate your content in an effective way.

Why you need slide therapy

Bad Slides Are a Fully Reversible Condition.
But Left Untreated, They'll Kill Your Presentation.

Here’s the thing: over the years, you’ve inadvertently picked up some bad habits from replicating other people’s presentations or listening to bad advice from well-intentioned people on how to make your presentations better.

These bad habits are what’s keeping your presentations from being brilliant.

They are turning your slides into mind-numbing distractions that confuse your audience and hurt your credibility and your ability to impress and persuade them.

But the good news is, this is totally reversible. If you unlearn those nasty habits and learn the simple techniques I share with you in this course, your presentations will become your greatest asset instead of being your worst liability.

So if you think your presentations are important to your business success (hint: they are), and want to learn how to make them better, then Slide Therapy is the right program for you.


Stop Settling For Less Than Stellar Presentations!
You Owe It to Yourself to Step Up Your Game.

Does the idea of making a PowerPoint presentation make you cringe? Do you know your presentations aren’t as great as they could be, but you’re not sure how to go about making them better? Are you tired of the same old vague and theoretical presentation advice out there and looking for more practical techniques you can actually implement?

If so, I created this program for you… so that you never, ever, ever, have to struggle through another dry, monotonous and forgettable presentations in front of an apathetic and unimpressed audience.

So you can really take the quality of your presentations to the next level even if you think your presentations are pretty good already.

So you can experience the immense pleasure of creating and delivering a truly awesome presentation and all the positive outcomes that come with it.

Whether it’s getting a promotion at your job, getting finding for your project or getting a client to buy your product or service, you’re about to find out just how life-changing and career-boosting a truly great presentation can be.


Learning to Communicate Information
In a Visual Way Does Four Critical Things:


  • IT MAKES YOUR CONTENT MORE MANAGEABLE: It eliminates mind-numbing bullet points, information overload and allows you to segment your content in snackable bite-size chunks that are more manageable for your audience AND FOR YOU as a presenter (so that you’ll never get lost or forget what to say).
  • IT IMPROVES THE FLOW OF YOUR PRESENTATION: It dramatically improves the flow of your content and makes it easier for your audience to follow along and see the progression of what you’re saying. By the way, lack of flow and focus is the number one complaint of audiences, second only to wordy bullet point slides.
  • IT HELPS YOU PRESENT IDEAS WITH CRYSTAL CLARITY: It improves the clarity and persuasive power of your ideas by eliminating confusion, distraction and overwhelm. And we all know, “a confused mind always says no” … or they ask you to email them that deck so they can “look at it later”.
  • IT GIVES YOU THE OPPORTUNITY TO SURPRISE AND DELIGHT: Expectations are so low when it comes to presentations that a polished and highly visual slide deck is a very welcomed breath of fresh air. And It is guaranteed not to go unnoticed. It also won’t go unappreciated. By hopping off the boring old PowerPoint train and going the extra mile to do things differently, you give yourself a competitive advantage: surprise and delight. People like people who go the extra mile for them. And likeability is a powerful persuasive device.

Why Invest in Slide Therapy?

Well, because hiring a professional presentation designer is expensive. I should know, I've been running a presentation design agency for 3 years and though our fees ain't cheap, our pricing doesn't even come close to what some larger agencies charge.

Here's the thing: some businesses are paying presentation experts like me between $5,000 and $50,000 to design high-stakes presentations for them.

Yes, it's a lot of money. But they’re happy to pay it because they know that their return on investment will largely cover the cost of having a professional consultant help them sharpen their content and design their slides.

But dropping the equivalent of a home down payment on a 50-page slide deck is not in everyone’s budget.

And getting ongoing design help for your routine presentations at $250/hour is not financially sustainable.

That’s why I wrote Slide Therapy. So that you can learn to create your own awesome presentations for a fraction of what it would cost you to hire someone to do it for you. And without going through the headache of outsourcing your slide design.

Plus, unlike a one-time expensive consultation, you can keep using these skills to create great presentations, for life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you licensed to sell us the stock images in the package? Will I get in trouble for using them? Does this apply to the fonts too?

All the stock images in the package are 100% royalty-free and free for commercial use. Meaning we're licensed to sell them. This also means that these are photos that YOU can SAFELY use for educational and commercial purposes.

Our added value is in the type and quality of images we curated and the convenience of being able to download a quality library of handpicked images in one click, rather than doing it yourself which can take weeks and months.

Same thing with the fonts! These are all free for use and you will not get in trouble for using them.

Again the added value is in the convenience of being able to download a big library of handpicked fonts that's taken me years to collect and do it in a few seconds. PLUS you get a font pairing guide to help you know how to use the fonts together.

If I start with the Productivity Pack, can I upgrade to the Brainiac Bundle at a later date?

Absolutely! You can definitely upgrade your package after you purchase. All you have to do is send us your receipt whenever you're ready and we'll send you a special checkout link where you'll pay the price difference to upgrade to the next package. This applies to both the productivity pack and the creativity pack.

Do I have to know PowerPoint well in order to benefit from the lessons in this book?

No. Your level of proficiency in PowerPoint won't affect how much value you get from this book. If you are a seasoned PowerPoint user, this book will introduce you to new techniques. If you are a beginner, this book gives you all the hand holding you need with step by step instructions and visuals to make it easy.

Do I have to use PowerPoint and a PC in order to benefit from the lessons in this book?

Short answer: no. Long answer: I personally use PowerPoint 2013 on a PC. "But you're a designer! Don't you people use Macs?" Correction: I'm a PowerPoint designer. For compatibility reasons, I use the tool that the vast majority of the business world uses: PowerPoint and a PC. Because it's the tool I master and the one most people use, this book shares screenshots and instructions based on the PowerPoint 2013 PC interface. HOWEVER, 99% of the design tips I share in this book can just as easily be applied in Keynote or on the Mac version of PowerPoint.

But I'm a business manager. I don't need to just create pretty slides . I need to design corporate looking slides and learn how to display the large amounts of content I have more clearly and effectively. Can this book really help?

Abso-frickin-lutely. Actually this book is perfect for you. The meat of this book is dedicated solely to teaching you how to effectively design data rich and content rich slides. This book will also teach you how to make your slides look fantastic which will not unnoticed by your colleagues and leadership (wink wink) but that's not it. It also gives you practical steps to transform the way you design and display diagrams, charts and bullet points. You can download this free sample and check out the chapter on (fill this in) to get a taste of the book and decide if it can help you achieve your goals.

But I'm not creative and I suck at design…

First of all, you ARE creative. Your creativity may be dormant but it's there and this book will help you wake it up. Secondly, you don't need to be a Dali or a Degas to apply the lessons in this book. Slide Therapy makes design simple and accessible even for the design challenged. And as you will see, even small changes can make a big impact on the quality of your slides.

Why learn PowerPoint when I can use things like Prezi or eMaze?

Yes, Prezi is great. But so is PowerPoint. Some people switch to other tools in hopes that it will help them make better presentations. They think that PowerPoint is the problem. That's like firing your dentist because you have a cavity. You don't need a new dentist, you need to unlearn some bad habits and pick up some good ones. You need to unlearn the old way of using PowerPoint and start approaching slide making in a fresh new way. I promise that if you learn and practice the techniques in this book you will cut your slide prep time in half and produce beautiful, modern and refreshingly original presentations like a pro. Plus, it will take you a LOT less time than learning to use a whole new software from scratch.

But I know my stuff very well and I am very good at public speaking. Can better slide design really do anything for me?

It's not just about knowing your stuff. Knowledge used to be power. Now, information is in the hands of anybody with a smartphone and an internet connection. Information is no longer power. It's a commodity. There’s too much of it. We’ve got new information coming at us by the truck loads every day… It’s overwhelming. As a result of this, people have become more demanding and more interested in information that is shared with them in an original and succinct way. So now,  power resides with those who are able to take plain information and make it interesting, understandable and exciting. Simply having great ideas, knowing your stuff, and being the best at what you do is not enough. Execution matters. Presentation matters. Design matters.

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